How to Plan the Perfect Surprise Engagement

February 2, 2023

Tyler chose to propose with a chic picnic on the beach in Newport. Tyler had already texted me the order of events and planned everything with me before I got there so there weren’t any kinks! This is so important when planning a surprise engagement. The photographer needs to know the timeline in order to get the best shots. Tyler hired a picnic company to set up the cutest table with candles, white and orange roses, wine, and a dinner that was ready when they arrived. Tyler and is fiancĂ©, Jenny, went for a sunset walk on the beach and when they got back he got down on one knee. I absolutely live for witnessing proposals and seeing the looks of shock and excitement on their faces.

Here are my 7 tips for planning the perfect surprise engagement:

  1. Fall in love.
  2. Get the ring!
  3. Find a photographer and give them your proposal plan ahead of time with all the details! See if your styles fit and if you can trust them with such a monumentous moment in your life!
  4. Choose a special location that is meaningful to your relationship. Could be a local bar, your favorite date, Disneyland! Anywhere that you would love to look back on.
  5. Meet at the location and give the photographer secret looks until you feel like it’s time! This is more so a joke, but honestly true. Be sure to communicate with your photographer beforehand on what you are wearing, what your soon to be fiancĂ© looks like, your eta so they know where to follow. They will take from your cues and body language for when it is time.
  6. Details! What elements can you include in the proposal that are specific to your relationship?
  7. Ask your best friend to marry you and let the photographer make the memories last forever.