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Photography is more than a passion for me—it’s an expression of love, joy, gratitude, and togetherness. It’s an opportunity to transform fleeting moments into tangible memories to be infinitely re-lived and shared for generations to come.

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I believe the best photos are unstaged and completely authentic. They capture you as you are, in this moment; together. Which is why you won’t find me calling out awkward poses or insisting you interact together in ways you never would (is a memory really worth capturing if it was fake in the first place?). Afraid you “won’t know how to pose”? Don’t be! I’ve been doing this for years and am here to inspire and guide from behind the lens.

But reminder: You DO know how to pose. You do it every day when you naturally intertwine hands while walking down the street, pull each other in for a snuggle on lazy Sunday mornings, or playfully nudge each other’s arms when arguing over where to get dinner. You, together, as you are—that’s the only pose you need. (And’s hard to look anything but perfect when your backdrop is a gorgeous crystal coast, bright pink horizon, or dreamy cobblestone street.)

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Getting ready to say “I do” to your favorite human? 

Congrats! I can’t wait to meet you both and hear all about what makes your story special. Since you’re here, you probably aren’t looking to go “the traditional” route. You want something adventurous, luxurious, unique, and 100% you. Well, pour yourself a smooth glass of ice cold champagne—you’re in the right place.

Whether you want your big day to be just the two of you or to be surrounded by a few of your closest friends and family, I’m here to help create the experience of a lifetime and capture each moment exactly as it happens.

This is your day, your memories, your time, your story, and the beauty of it is that we can tell it your way. 

When I say the day is all about you and your love, I mean it. There is no rushing, no yelling, no panic. We take it slow, we live in the moment and when the day has passed - you’ll hold those moments in your heart and in your hands.

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into something I would have ever expected!

This is even more of the testimonial. This is even more of the testimonial. This is even more of the testimonial. This is even more of the testimonial.





And MENTION IT ALL. I want to know about your first date, the proposal, who said I love you first, the most embarrassing stories, your love language, your HP house, everything that goes into what makes you as a couple.



Let's see if we vibe. At the end of the day, you'll find that your photographer is also your therapist. We are the people closest to your story, capturing every turn and you'll want someone that makes you feel comfortable and free to be yourself. And someone you can tell where the bodies are buried.



Once you've decided I'm the (other) one, we can secure your date with 50% retainer and then the real fun begins. Let's start planning your one of a kind wedding that all the people back home wish they were invited to.