Banff Elopement | Kyle + Claire

December 4, 2019

A beautiful elopement in Banff National Park in Canada. Claire and Kyle were so clearly in love that it felt like I wasn’t even there. I loved that Claire wore a unconventional dress from Sweet Caroline’s. The mustard yellow was so different, yet so refreshing and stunning against the bright blue lake. Everything about it was effortless, romantic and so purely theirs – like an elopement should be.

We hiked to this lookout with a sweeping view of the lake in the early evening. The sun was setting which gave a calming effect against the mountains and really lit the lake up. Claire and Kyle exchanged vows, kissed and basked in it all. Capturing their love was so peaceful, joyous and plain fun. They now have a gorgeous baby girl and it’s so amazing watching love grow and being to able to document a true love story.